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Redemptive Reconciliation Process

Why opt for the foundation of a Redemptive Reconciliation Process – a Therapeutic Full Disclosure; an Impact Statement; and a Restitution Response? 

Rebuilding a marriage broken by infidelity or compulsive problematic sexual behavior is a painful journey. However, when couples are willing to commit to the complete procedure of marriage reconstruction and restoration after betrayal under the guidance of trained professionals, hope is possible.

That procedure, the Redemptive Reconciliation Process, forms the sound foundation for their future and entails committing to the following three steps: 

  1. Both husband and wife being prepared for, and undertaking, a Full Therapeutic Disclosure.

  2. The wife being prepared for, and being allowed to deliver, an Emotional Impact Statement.

  3. The husband being prepared for, and completing, an Emotional Restitution Response.

More importantly, couples are also to be aware, that as a result of the complexity of the wife’s betrayal trauma, the time the wife would need to heal could potentially take up to two years, with residual flashbacks potentially occurring for at least five years.

Finally, it should be understood that the reason for this thorough approach stems from the vast amount of damage usually done through incomplete and non-therapeutic disclosures. Incomplete or ‘drip-fed’ confessions usually represent cracks in the foundations of the healing process of a marriage in need of rebuilding and restoration after betrayal. 


Please download the pdf below and read through the Behaviour Guidelines: Disclosure Preparation.

Behaviour Guidelines: Disclosure Preparation PDF
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