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‘Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest...'

Matthew 11:28

Eagle Flying
Beth Noah
'Place of Rest'

This is a coaching mentoring practice for men, plagued with the shame of struggling with pornography and habitual, compulsive, unwanted sexual behaviour leading to the destruction of the marriage relationship.

Are you plagued with self-condemnation?

Do you struggle with debilitating shame?

Do you find yourself breaking your own moral code?

Have you discovered willpower does not work?
Have you experienced religious fervour being fruitless?

There is hope for you as a Christian to break free and restore your marriage relationship.

There is a future of victory, continued life transformation and renewed trust.

There is a place of rest from past defeats and severe pain.


As Christian men overwhelmed by defeat and brokenness,

particularly in positions of church service, leadership or missionary work,
there is a need for a place of safety, confidentiality and informed guidance, 

in finding lasting victory and healing.

There is a place of healing and restoration for men and marriages at

Beth Noah: Place of Rest!

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