Find freedom from pornography and

life dominating sexual struggles

and while learning to heal your marriage.

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Beth Noah
'Place of Rest'

 ... is a mentoring practice focused on Christian men, plagued with the shame of habitual and compulsive unwanted sexual behavior  If you are yearning to break free from addictive and sinful patterns yet realize that no amount of will power, religious fervor, effort or activity - even moral condemnation or self-shaming - have any positive effect and have not led to freedom, Beth Noah/Place can offer hope.


If you find yourself in a position of leadership or service in the Church, Christian Ministry, a Missions Organization or an Educational Institution and are in particular need of a place of safety and confidentiality for help and recovery, Beth Noah/Place of Rest can offer hope.


Moreover, if you need informed and experienced guidance to achieve breakthrough to freedom, victory, integrity and purity and find yourself in a place where you can be loving husband for your wife once again, Beth Noah 'Place of Rest' can offer hope.

Additionally, Beth Noah 'Place of Rest' offers hope to Christian couples whose marriages are mired in the crisis and devastation caused by pornography and its destructively traumatic effects. Pornography usually leads to further unwanted sexual behaviors in husbands and result in multiple betrayal trauma in wives. This, in turn, necessitates the long but essential process of husbands rebuilding trust and rekindling intimacy through integrity and restitution while respecting and supporting their wives in the process of healing. Beth Noah 'Place of Rest' is a place where husbands can learn to become the husbands God called them to be according to the pattern of Song of Songs offering principles for complete intimacy - intellectual, emotional and physical.

‘Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest...'

Jesus Our Lord